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We are a manufacturer of both EPP granulate (base material) and EPP fittings.

EPP - expanded polypropylene is produced in the form of foamed granules, in a wide range of bulk density from 17 to even 200g/l.

EPP granulate production technology


Extrusion method

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High-pressure method

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FAWO®CEL - original material

FAWO®CEL is an extruded, foamed polypropylene granulate and therefore belongs to the EPP (expanded polypropylene) group. It uniquely combines material properties - in addition to its stiffness, temperature resistance and ability to absorb energy at low weight, it also has a low squeak, which distinguishes it from standard materials. Thanks to the stable extrusion process, patented at our factory in Ohrdruf (Germany), it is possible to adapt the material to individual customer requirements, including production in small batches. During the extrusion process, the foam in the form of strands is extruded from molten polypropylene, containing a blowing agent, through a perforated head. Immediately afterwards, these strands are cut with a rotating knife on foam-structured granules.

In this way it is possible to obtain different colours of the granules and different specifications in terms of UV resistance, electrical conductivity and combustion rate. Compared to the material obtained in a high-pressure autoclave process, FAWO®CEL shows higher resistance to temperature and the possibility of greater production flexibility and adaptation to individual needs. High-performance material with low weight is only one of the advantages of FAWO®CEL. In addition, this material is 100% recyclable so we can return it to the production process, which has a very positive impact on the environment.

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Product formation process

Closing the mould

Filling the mould

the mould is filled with granulate injected at the appropriate pressure


Vapour welding of granules


the product to be welded is water-cooled to ensure dimensional stability of the product and to facilitate its formation

The form

opening the mould and pushing it out by means of special ejectors, the product of the mould

EPP fitting

EPP properties

High energy absorbing capacity

Low weight

Limited water absorption


Temperature resistance

Possibility of getting products with increased fire resistance FR and ESD electrodispersible

Resistance to chemicals and oils

Wide range of product densities tailored to specific project needs

Visible ability to recover from static or dynamic loading

Good thermal insulation

Easy to clean and sterilise


Applications of EPP

  • Internal and external car parts
  • Isothermal packaging, e.g. thermoboxes in the food industry
  • Logistics packaging
  • Components for air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment - helmets, exercise and rehabilitation equipment
  • Furniture

Colours and textures

  • Any colour you want thanks to the wide colour palette of granules
  • Surface textureability, which means that different textures can be produced on the surface of a product with different sizes and depths


We provide services of CNC machining, including the production of charge moulds, injection moulds and for the thermoforming process, we also make other tools necessary for our customers, e.g. gauges for product inspection. In this process we use 4 and 5-axis machines, which allow us to produce the most complex details from aluminium, stainless steel, brass and plastic. We support the client in every single phase of the project - from the development of the solution, through the creation of the project and making a prototype to the service of the tool.


The IZOBLOK brand is associated on the market with high quality of services and products and freshness and innovation of applied solutions, which is reflected in numerous business and industry awards.

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