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Development Strategy

The development strategy of the IZOBLOK Group is embedded in our mission, which is a reference point for our actions.
We aim to create a global company in which knowledge, commitment and the experience of the team contribute significantly to the development of the company's potential and increase its value for shareholders. Full flexibility, creativity, speed and high quality standards allow us to meet the expectations and high requirements of our customers, creating the basis for mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.

Expansion into Non-European Markets

IZOBLOK is a European leader in the production of foam polypropylene (EPP) components for automotive and logistics. The strategy taken by the Group's Companies assumes geographic expansion into non-European markets over the next few years in order to take advantage of their forecasted dynamics development for the growth of tangible and intangible assets of the Corporate Group.

Strong R&D Competence Building

IZOBLOK is systematically expanding the team in the engineering area for development work on conceptual design. Building strong competencies in advanced design engineering will contribute to the growth of market competitiveness of the entire Group.

Exploiting Synergies

Full development of the IZOBLOK Corporate Group Companies' abilities in the range of product, production, sales and IT is the goal being set for the upcoming years.

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