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Information Policy

To meet requirements and challenges imposed on a public company requires following and respecting particular rules in communication between capital market institutions such as regulatory and supervisory institutions as well as by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, WSE and Investors (Investment Banks, trust funds, brokerage offices and other sort of institutional and individual investors).


IZOBLOK Group respects "Good Practices of WSE Listed Companies".
Grupa IZOBLOK przestrzega "Dobrych Praktyk Spółek Notowanych na GPW". IZOBLOK's communication with capital market stakeholders is based on the following principles:


the company provides all information required by law in the form of current and periodic reports.


each question of Investor is answered based on publicly available data.

Equality of Access:

all investors are provided with the same scope of information and the same conditions of access to information.


reliable communication of events affecting the company's share price is a necessary condition; and moreover - personal participation of the Company's representatives in major conferences and meetings with Investors (and/or analysts) wherever this is most desirable.

High Quality:

the highest quality of the information and the form of communication is ensured, as well as the presentation.


communication with the Investors is based on the annual plan which is an element of the internally agreed, comprehensive communication plan of the Company.

The Company's information policy is based on ongoing communication, insofar as this is already possible for the protection of its interests and keeping its business secret, information relevant to the capital market on the activities conducted by the Company, including those aimed at achieving the issue objectives, in the form of Current Reports, Periodic Reports, press releases and news published on the IZOBLOK website.


Bearing in mind the important role that proper communication between the Company and Investors plays in building the investment culture on the stock market and the resulting need to standardize and improve communication activities in the field of investor relations, we invite you to ask questions to the Company also through the service 'Akcja Inwestor Pulsu Biznesu'.

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