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Social responsibility

Our overriding goal is to produce products that fully care about the safety of both users and the environment around us.

Every action we take takes into account social interests, environmental aspects, or relationships with different stakeholder groups, in particular with employees, the local community and our shareholders. Being socially responsible means investing in human resources, environmental protection, relations with the company's environment and information about these activities.


Our products have a direct impact on the safety of vehicle users - the headrests, car seat sofas or bumper fillings produced by us are critical car parts that determine our safety.

Through our research projects we are focused on continuous work on EPP in order to improve its pro-ecological properties and enhance the comfort and safety of end users.

Our material is 100% recyclable and contains no hazardous substances

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Legal requirements

We have a certificate required by law that allows us to conduct waste recovery activities such as foamed polypropylene. The method of recovery consists in milling the defective fittings and re-addressing the resulting regranulate to the production in percentage to 10% (to the base granulate) or selling valuable polypropylene outside and finally using it for the production of plastic details by external partners.

We comply with our Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct and meet our customers' requirements in this area.

Gas fuel

We operate on the basis of gas fuel, moving away from the technology based on coal-fired boiler plants, thus reducing the emission of dust and carbon dioxide into the air.

We are constantly improving professional competence and environmental awareness of our employees.

We do care and we do our best to get along with our employees and build positive relations with them during informal meetings (hiking, mountain trips or bowling), as well as with their families during a regular family picnic and annual competitions. We encourage an active lifestyle and we have set up a very active football team.

We support

We support the local community in which we operate on a daily basis: We are involved in the initiatives of the Maciejkowice Housing Estate Council, the Common Hope Foundation or individuals we help to reach for their dreams.

Technology & Innovation

The IZOBLOK brand is associated on the market with high quality of services and products and freshness and innovation of applied solutions, which is reflected in numerous business and industry awards.

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