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We guarantee the safety and comfort of the projects entrusted to us.

Product and tool development

On a daily basis, we work with our current and potential customers to develop both the EPP fittings themselves and the tools necessary for its production.
Our team of experienced designers and engineers develops solutions to meet the highest demands of our customers, from the needs analysis phase to the presentation of ready-made solutions.Our presence at trade fairs and conferences and constant improvement of our team's competence results in the implementation of innovative solutions. They are often developed in cooperation with scientific bodies and with the support of external funds, including EU funds - grants for innovation and R&D.We are open to carrying out research projects aimed at improving parameters and building new solutions in our areas of specialization.


We provide services of designing products from EPP using CAD software - CATIA.
We advise on the concept of packaging and the development of a 3D model, and then its optimization in order to achieve the highest possible packing density, while guaranteeing the safety of the transported product. We provide consultation in the design of the parts and put forward ways of solving potential problems. This allows costly and time-consuming modifications to be avoided at further stages of production. Our main customers are automotive manufacturers, however, thanks to the extensive and broad experience we have gained over the years, we also design products for other industries.

We are also experts in the design of aluminium moulds, gauges and other tools necessary for the plastic processing process.


We have extensive and rich experience in the field of prototyping.
We specialize in making milled prototypes for EPP fittings. Thanks to our milling plotter and appropriate CAD / CAM software we are able to make a prototype for each of the projects. We also make prototypes of moulds and tools from aluminium In the IZOBLOK's tool shop.
The aim of such action is to avoid the risk of making a mistake already in the first phase of the project implementation and to avoid complications at the stage of the mass production process.
Using the possibility of making prototypes, we provide each client with a higher level of security for the successful implementation of the project entrusted to us.


We have our own tool shop equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
Thanks to it, we are able to produce injection moulds of varying degrees of complexity both for the IZOBLOK Group and for external customers.
We are responsible for both the design of each injection and injection mould, for the thermoforming process, its production and modification within the changing needs of customers. Integrated CAD/CAM tools support us in these phases: CATIA v 5.0 and WORK NC as well as proprietary programs allowing for constant monitoring of each stage of the process. Modern measurement solutions used by us allow us to exclude most of the problems that arise at the stage of mould design.
We optimally plan the implementation of each project, thanks to which we offer our customers lower costs, shorter lead times and less waste.

CNC machining

The aim of the IZOBLOK toolshop is to produce high quality tools. To achieve this goal, our toolshop is equipped with advanced CNC machines. Our 4 and 5-axis machines are perfect for processing the most complex details made of aluminium, stainless steel, brass and plastic.
Our specialized staff supports in putting project into effect at every stage of its fulfillment - from the idea and working out of the technical solution through to the prototype, CAD/CAM design, to the final tool making and its service.

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