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Pursuing excellence and ongoing development in the spirit of innovation is our goal.


INNOVATIONS - IZOBLOK Innovative Thinking

Working through innovation


Our team is involved on a daily basis in the development of the technological process of produced granulate and processed EPP, in the continuous improvement of work organization and above all in the creation of innovative solutions in research projects carried out together with our Clients.

Results of selected research projects

Automation of the final product packaging process

Process automation is one of our strategic goals. We are developing this area thanks to the experience and commitment of the Team, which strives to create innovative solutions on a daily basis.

Creating an innovative roof model

In cooperation with BMW, we created an innovative roof model in which we combined the EPP with carbon to create a roof that can be seen in the BMW M2 Clubsport - for the first time the EPP was used in the exterior of the car in unusual dimensions: 1.4 m x 1.2 m

We are in the process of implementing further projects, which allow us to meet the highest expectations of our customers concerning innovation - such as: creation of products with different density within one production cycle, cooperation with scientific centres and our partners on the EPP recycling process.
We will keep you informed about new technologies and developments in our research.

Quality management system.

We consistently improve the implemented quality management systems confirmed by certificates: IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, thanks to which our customers can be sure of the highest standards of our services.

No defective parts

The automotive industry, in which we operate, is characterized by ensuring that orders are carried out in accordance with the principle of "defective parts 0", delivering products on time, fast service and extraordinary attention to quality. Attention is paid not only to international ISO certificates, but also to the possibility of meeting additional, specific individual requirements of a given manufacturer (OEM) or supplier (TIER).

International certificates

IZOBLOK, having passed appropriate audits, received certificates - Preferred Quality Status - for Ford (FordQ1 Preferred Quality Status), Jaguar Land Rover (JLRQ) and Volkswagen (Formel Q Fähigkeit) and in 2015 received the China Compulsory Certificate allowing to export products to China.


The IZOBLOK brand is identified with high quality of services & products and is known from cutting-edge innovation of applied solutions. All above features find its feedback in numerous business and industry awards.

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