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We build valuable relationships based on mutual understanding and effective communication.


IZOBLOK is a European leader in the production of EPP components for the automotive and logistics industries. However, our success would not be possible without the knowledge and commitment of our employees to make everything possible. We form a team of more than 500 professionals, who meet professional, expert and managerial challenges in areas such as manufacturing, logistics, HR, finance, R&D, health and safety, IT and many others. Being part of the BEWI Group since 2021, we have the opportunity to develop our competencies also based on cooperation with our colleagues from all BEWI sites, which are located in most European countries.
Meet some of them ... see what life is like at BEWI.

How we recruit?


After all, we have the same goals - If you crave challenging work, ongoing opportunity for career growth, Izoblok has the job you are looking for


We do have a high level of knowledge and skills necessary for effective recruitment


We meet with candidates when there is a real need

Always with a smile

Interview is not a battlefield

What we offer?

  • Experience in the automotive industry
  • Experience with EPP products
  • Ongoing learning from people for whom the EPP has no secrets
  • Taking part in innovation and development projects
  • The opportunity to gain experience outside Poland, both in the IZOBLOK Group and the BEWI Group
  • Training package
  • The opportunity to work for prestigious manufacturers in the industry
  • International working environment
  • Smile, passion, commitment to what we do
  • Openness and high level of motivation to act

Recruitment process

You can apply online by clicking on the "Apply" button or send your resume by e-mail

We will contact you by phone

Having checked your resume, if your competences match our requirements and current recruitments - we will have a telephone interview and arrange a meeting.

We're having an interview

It takes place at our headquarters, this is the best time to familiarize you with the company and the workplace, with our expectations, as well as to assess your competence. The interview is always held in the presence of an HR representative and your potential supervisor. If the job requires specific competence, we will carry out appropriate tests.

Guided tour of the plant

We know how important the working environment is, so we will be happy to show you our plant so that you can get to know us better and decide to cooperate with us.

We provide feedback

Whatever it is, for sure we'll give it to you. Assuming that we maintain our common interest in cooperation, we will meet again to deepen some areas of the conversation and clarify employment terms & conditions.
However it's not over. We want every new employee to feel a member of our Team as soon as possible, so after you are accepted to work, you will receive support from us at the beginning to make it easier for you to move around the company, get to know your colleagues, processes and procedures. The next step is to observe and support you in your development because we strongly believe that we can only develop as a company if our employees develop.

Current job offers

We also invite you to visit the BEWI Group's career site, where job openings from the Group's other plants and locations are published

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