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The automotive industry is the largest customer for our products.

The products manufactured by us from EPP are used in the automotive, logistics and HVAC industries mainly as structural and protective elements.


Thanks to outstandingly equipped production plants, advanced IT systems, professional and well-trained teams of engineers from our R&D department and tool rooms, We are able to provide our customers with comprehensive services: from the prototyping phase, through production, to packaging and logistics.

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Logistics solutions

The disposable and reusable packaging produced by us in the form of pallets and containers is delivered to companies from the automotive industry, electronics and to suppliers of system solutions in the field of logistics and packaging or companies specializing in non-standard logistics solutions. The excellent properties of the material are also used in the design and implementation of internal logistics, often encountered in companies struggling with problems of inter-departmental transport or transport between production lines. A good example is the customers who produce: LCD matrixes, car mirrors, radiators, headlights, transmissions and windows.


The excellent thermal insulation properties of EPP and the durability of the products make it ideal for products from the heating and ventilation group. For our customers we make pump group housings, heating pipe casings or heater housings, air curtains.

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Our product range is not limited to the automotive industry only. We have experience in the production of sports gear, products for construction industry, household appliances and other. We are happy to adapt to your needs. We offer our commitment as early as in the conceptual phase, including during the research and product development phase. We believe that working together can bring benefits for both parties.

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We work for the most recognizable and top automotive and logistics brands, contributing to their market success.
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