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Stable economic growth of IZOBLOK in QIII 2016/2017

Consolidated financial results of IZOBLOK prove a stable increase of the company’s value. Consolidated sales revenue reached PLN 124,452 thousand while the net profit was PLN 11,102 thousand. EBIDTA was at the level of PLN 19,365 thousand and was higher by 38.2% compared to the previous year. At a unit level, IZOBLOK S.A. has reached sales revenue at a level of PLN 70,006 thousand and a net profit of PLN 8,940 thousand, which was higher compared to corresponding period by 278 %. EBITDA reached PLN 14,581 thousand compared to corresponding period from the previous year, where it was PLN 14,017 thousand – with a slight increase of 4.0 %. Sales revenue after three quarters of 2016/2017 reached PLN 11,212 thousand and was at a comparable level to corresponding period from the previous year, while operational costs increased only by 6.7%.

Individual operational profit was shaped at the level of PLN 10,718 thousand and decreased by 6.9% compared to corresponding period from the previous year.

We maintain good profitability both at an individual and at consolidated level. We are following our plan. We conduct consolidate and optimize at 4 levels: costs, quality, materials and projects. We focus on managing and systematizing. Our goal is to use the Group’s synergy as much as possible. This requires not only extensive work but also time, especially since we want to do this really well. – says Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO of IZOBLOK S.A..

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