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Mr. Zbigniew Pawłucki joins IZOBLOK GROUP

Mr. Zbigniew Pawłucki has joined IZOBLOK S.A. team. As a Vice CEO of IZOBLOK S.A. he is going to be responsible for coordination and development of sales in the Corporate Group, including Key Customers and Suppliers relations. Moreover he will be in charge of R & D especially the development of raw material production technologies and the automation of production processes.

The appointment of Zbigniew Pawłucki by the Supervisory Board of IZOBLOK S.A Zbigniew Pawłłutki as the Vice CEO of the Management Board of IZOBLOK S.A. changes the personal composition of the Company’s Management Board to two persons.

Thorough and huge experience of Zbigniew Pawłucki will definitely contribute to strengthen the internal integration of the Group’s companies. Thanks to it IZOBLOKis going to be stronger regarding both external relations with stakeholders and maximize synergies across the group and take advantage of it – said Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO of IZOBLOK S.A

Mr. Zbigniew Pawłucki is a manager with over 25 years experienced within restructuring of companies, investment management and production. he used to be a member of Management Boards and Supervisory Boards – businesses related with heavy duty sector.He has graduated from the University of Technology in Cologne (Germany), Mechanical Department – Automobile Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Mechanical Department of Energy and Aviation and the Strategic Leadership Academy, Harvard Business Review. He can speak fluent German, English and Russian language. He has been into automotive and manufacturing industry since 1992. He started his career in Ford Motor Company. In 1995-2014 he was connected with HP-chemie Pelzer GmbH, being responsible for stock, setting up and development of production plant in Poland. Since 2001 as a Supervisory Board’s member he had been engaging in the restructuring processes in the Pelzer group. In 2007, holding a position of a member of the Board of Directors of the Automotive Components Europe Group, Mr. Pawłucki introduced the Company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (IPO). Since 2009 as an Executive Director, Implementation of Financial Projects in PKN ORLEN S.A. He was in charge of Industrial investment and restructuring of Orlen Budonaft and Orlen Service Center.

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