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The IZOBLOK Corporate Group has achieved consolidated operating income in the amount of 50.131 PLN thousand, it is 6.4 % less than in the same period of the 2018/2019 financial year. After the first quarter of 2019/2020, the Group earned operating profit of 1.850 t PLN thousand that is 27,5% less than in the same period of 2018/2019. Whereas the EBITDA ratio in the reported period was 6.878 PLN thousand and was down by 8.0% from EBITDA for 1Q 2018/2019.

“Our 1Q results turned out to go along with our expectations. We are slightly concerned about losing of prosperity on the German market. We look at the situation very carefully so that we can be ready to react at any time and right way.” said – Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO of IZOBLOK SA.

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