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IZOBLOK summarises V Q 2022/2023

In the period of 15 months of the financial year 2022/2023,  IZOBLOK Group generated operating income of PLN 320,972 thousand. Consolidated profit on operating activities amounted to PLN 12 964 thousand, while EBITDA in the reported period amounted to PLN 27 356 thousand.

“In the opinion of the Management Board of the Company, despite the unfavourable economic situation forecast in the so-called old European Union, car production in Europe has so far not shown a downward trend. Perhaps this is the effect of a low base after the recent years of downturn. There is noticeable pressure on the market for price adjustments due to lower raw material and energy prices, as indicated by deflation of producer prices – at least in some market segments. In cooperation with the contractors, we make appropriate adjustments so that the distribution of the risk of volatility in energy and raw material costs is rational and fair. IZOBLOK is one of those companies in the market that is accelerating again after a deep crisis and has good growth prospects. IZOBLOK is a market leader that expects significant revenue growth over the next three years. One of the priorities of the management’s activities in the coming quarters is to secure the financial resources necessary to make the investments that will enable the company to achieve its operational goals. IZOBLOK is a group of well-prepared and committed employees who build the company’s value and prestige on a daily basis.

During the reporting period, IZOBLOK did not record any payment bottlenecks from counterparties, and the performance of existing agreements is proceeding as planned. The continuing high volatility of the environment means that changes to forecasts in subsequent reporting periods cannot be ruled out”.

says Przemysław Skrzydlak, President of the Management Board of IZOBLOK S.A.

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