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IZOBLOK is closing the the year 2016/2017 with awesome results

IZOBLOK S.A. shows its first Annual Financial Results as a Corporate Group. The Financial Year 2016/2017 was closed with a good profitability at either levels including EBITDA. The company did what it planned. Consolidated revenues reached 179.520 PLN thousand and net profit 8.081 PLN thousand. Consolidated EBITDA reached 21.735 PLN thousand. As a unit level, IZOBLOK S.A. got sales revenue amounted to 94.538 thousand PLN with a net profit 13.490 thousand PLN that was 154% higher compared to corresponding period. EBITDA reached 18.210 thousand PLN that was 6% higher compared to corresponding period. Sales Consolidated Profit 2016/2017 reached 5.410 PLN thousand. The profit per unit on operating activity was PLN 13.059 thousand and decreased by 3% compared to the previous year.

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