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IZO-BLOK the sponsor of the Adam Banaszek 21st sailing memorial for the Silesian Cup

On August 12–14, the Żywiec Lake will hold the 22nd regatta commemorating Captain Adam Banaszek. Nearly 100 crews will be taking part in the memorial, competing for the Silesian Cup in the Omega class for three days.

The host of the event is the Halny Sailing Club. There will be the following classes: Omega Silesian Cup, Cabin Class up to 650, free Class, Catamaran, 470 Master Silesian Cup. During 22 years of the Memorial’s history, over 4 thousand athletes participated.

The values and rules spread by sailing are close to us. A good sailor is characterized by persistence, teamwork and determination, all the while maintaining a clarity of mind and the ability to make quick and good decisions. That’s how IZO-BLOK operates. Moreover, we are a Company from Silesia which believes that it’s worth supporting valuable initiatives in the region – says Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO of IZO-BLOK S.A.

Adam Banaszek was the Captain of the Bielsko sail club, who died tragically during a cruise on the Dar Bielska yacht heading for New York for the world celebrations of the 500th anniversary of discovering America. He was remembered as a wonderful man who devoted most of his life to working with teenagers not only as an instructor, but also an educator. He promoted sailing as an attractive sports discipline and a school of life shaping the characters of young people. After his death, a decision was made to commemorate this wonderful man by organizing regatta and, thus, giving birth to a cyclic event.

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