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IZO-BLOK meets investors on Wall Street

IZO-BLOK will meet with investors on June 3 and 4 during the 20th Wall Street conference in Karpacz. In April the Chorzów manufacturer and exporter of EPP fittings mainly for the automotive industry submitted a prospectus to the Financial Supervision Authority. The public offering of shares is planned at the turn of Q2 and Q3 of this year. This way, IZO-BLOK plans to finance part of the acquisition of its main market competitor – the German company SSW PearlFoam.

We are meeting with investors as part of the Shareholding Forum planned for June 3 afternoon. We will participate in Saturday’s discussion panel devoted to the possibilities of Company development in the situation of variable market conditions. We are at the stage of planning individual meetings. I invite people to see our presentations, to talk and exchange opinions. – says Przemysław Skrzydlak, Chairman of IZO-BLOK.

All this points to another record-breaking export in the automotive industry from Poland. In February the value of automotive export from Poland was nearly EUR 1.98 billion, which is 12.69% more compared to the same month in 2015. Our Company has a strong presence on this market. 95% of our customers come from the automotive industry; we operate as an exporter 90% of the time, cooperating with global players. After the acquisition of SSW PearlFoam, we will become a leader with a 25% share on the EPP market. – comments Przemysław Skrzydlak.

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