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IZO-BLOK gets order from Johnson Controls – total order value over 12,5 mln PLN

IZO-BLOK has got a new order from Johnson Controls – the global leader in a comprehensive supply of components for the world’s largest automotive companies.The total value of contracts agreed with the trader from Burscheid was over 2.9 million EURO (over 12,5 millionPLN)

Apart from Johnson Controls, for many years IZO-BLOK has been cooperating with other global TIER1 and TIER2 entities, i.e. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, Faurecia, Lear or HP Group. In September last year, IZO-BLOK received the international Automotive Experience Seating Supplier Performance Award from Johnson Controls. At the European market level, the Company was awarded by Johnson Controls four times; however, last year’s silver is a distinction for IZO-BLOK on a world scale.

The main customers of the Company include businesses related to the automotive industry (they make over 90% of annual revenue), logistics and protective packaging. The Company is planning the acquisition of its largest competitor – SSW PearlFoam GmbH. The transaction will be financed from the issuance of D-series shares. On June 17, the Financial Supervision Authority approved the Prospectus of IZO-BLOK S.A. The publication of the Prospectus is planned for June 21, 2016.

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