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IZO-BLOCK is finalizing negotiations on the acquisition of 100% shares in SSW PearlFoam

The Board of IZO-BLOK S.A. proceeded to the final stage of negotiations and, thus, to determining the final contents of the contract for acquisition of 100% shares at SSW PearlFoam GmbH. Company’s Supervisory Board  agreed to the acquisition of shares and concluding of the contract for acquisition with the SSW Industries GmbH fund.

Our goal is to close all issues related to the possible transaction between March 8 and 14 – specifies Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEOof IZO-BLOK S.A.

The Issuer will announce the signing of the contract or the failure of negotiations in a separate current report. IZO-BLOK S.A. is considering the public issuance of shares in relation to the planned acquisition. If the transaction is successful, IZO-BLOK plans to allocate all resources obtained from the issuance to the partial financing of the acquisition of the German company. Details regarding possible issuance will be announced in the notice regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

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