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Forbes Diamond 2016 for IZO-BLOCK

IZO-BLOCK was awarded the Forbes Diamonds 2016. The company ranked  3rd on the list of Silesia Voivodeship with sales revenues for 2014 at almost 77 million PLN and over 8 million PLN net profit. This represents an average increase in value between 2012 and 2014 of more than 57%.

Each year, the Forbes monthly applies the Swiss method for assessing Company value and takes into account the financial results, property value and data regarding sales level, net income, liabilities as well as investment expenditures of numerous companies. Based on this, it creates a ranking of companies which have most dynamically increased their value in the lasts 3 years. The awarded companies are divided into three categories according to sales revenue. In the 2016 edition, IZO-BLOK came in 3rd in the Silesian province (52nd in the national ranking), with a value increase indicator of more than 57% in the category of PLN 50–250 million medium-sized companies. 1,716 companies were among the Diamonds.

The Forbes Diamond is proof to the fact that a well-tailored business vision and long-standing consistency in its execution lead to results. The dynamic development of a Company is possible even in times of struggle for the world economy. Our strategic goal is the development and systematic increase of market share – comments Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO of IZO-BLOK S.A.

Since the beginning of 2015, despite the unfavorable stock market conditions, the Company’s industrial listing has increased by nearly 145%. In April 2015, the Company moved from the NewConnect market to the Stock Exchange. The company’s main customers are companies related to the car industry (generating 90 percent of annual revenues), logistics and protective packaging. The company supplies its products to the Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Skoda, Seat and Jaguar Land Rover groups, and cooperates with suppliers such as Johnson Controls, Faurecia, Lear and HP Group.

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