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In the 20-month period of the 2022/2023 financial year, covering the period from 01/05/2022 to 31/12/2023, the IZOBLOK Group generated operating revenue of PLN 429,477,796.16, with EBITDA in the reported period amounting to PLN 41, 369,585.32. The gross result amounted to PLN 20,868,075.68 and the net result reached PLN 18,809,550.80

Referring to the financial results achieved in the reported period, Przemysław Skrzydlak, CEO, said:
“The Company’s Management Board is pleased to present the results achieved, which confirm the successful strategy that the Company is pursuing, particularly in the context of the challenges we have faced over the last 3 years. Despite the constant volatility: the economic climate, costs, energy carrier prices and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) pressures to which the entire industry is subjected, the company has consistently met its operational targets.
There is still a great deal of uncertainty in Europe about the dynamics of the market expansion of electric cars, manufacturers are facing a significant drop in demand for electric vehicles and there is increasing pressure on the price of electric cars caused by a large influx of cheaper Chinese cars. As a result, negative impacts can be expected, affecting the margins of the entire supply chain. The market is seeing pressure for price adjustments due to lower raw material and energy prices, while at the same time companies, including IZOBLOK, are facing new challenges such as a surge in wage costs, services and the strengthening of the zloty and high interest rates. IZOBLOK is growing steadily and has good growth prospects thanks to its highly diversified client portfolio.
The Company’s Management Board expects revenue growth in the following years. One of the priorities of the Management Board’s activities in the coming quarters is to make strategic investments that will enable the company to achieve its operational goals.
During the reporting period, IZOBLOK did not record any payment bottlenecks from contractors and the execution of existing contracts is proceeding as planned. Due to the continuing high volatility of the environment, a change in expectations in subsequent reporting periods cannot be ruled out.
The Management Board would like to extend its special thanks to all the company’s employees (in Poland and Germany) and the members of the company’s bodies (including the members of the Supervisory Board), for the good work and personal contribution they have made in building IZOBLOK’s success and position on the market.”
Przemyslaw Skrzydlak



In the period of 12 months in the financial year 2022/2023, the Capital Group IZOBLOK earned a consolidated operating revenue of PLN 252,787,000, which means an increase of 58.0% compared to the same period of the previous financial year. The consolidated operating profit totalled PLN 8,108,000, while EBITDA in the reported period amounted to PLN 19,946,000.

“The automotive market has stabilized at a reasonable level, with remarkable price adjustments due to lower energy prices. This is all the more risky because the energy market is highly volatile and it’s difficult to determine the level at which it will stabilise. We’re trying to make appropriate adjustments with our customers on an ongoing basis so that the risk distribution of energy cost variability is rational. We can see a general trend in which, after the crisis, the market has split into companies that are accelerating again and have good growth prospects, but we also see companies for whom the last two years have been disastrous.

IZOBLOK is the market leader and will soon prepare for further consolidation. The operational objectives for the next quarters include, among others, the launching of key projects that will significantly increase the company’s revenues and market share. The optimisation of processes and their automation are now in progress. The recent quarters have shown how much the work and commitment of IZOBLOK employees affect the company’s success.

In the reporting period, IZOBLOK didn’t record any payment backlogs on the part of contractors and the implementation of existing contracts is proceeding as planned. However, due to the persistent high variability of the environment, it’s impossible to exclude changes in expectations and forecasts in the next reporting periods”, says Przemysław Skrzydlak, the President of the Management Board of IZOBLOK S.A.


IZOBLOK and BEWI sign the contract.

IZOBLOK and BEWI wish to jointly develop cooperation with the automotive industry, thus responding to new needs arising from the transformation of the industry and the significant acceleration of global projects.

IZOBLOK S.A., leader in the production of EPP components for the automotive industry, and BEWI, European leader in EPS and EPP-based packaging, components and thermal insulation solutions, have announced today the signing of an agreement for the indirect acquisition by BEWI of a majority stake of IZOBLOK S.A.

“We are pleased to announce this acquisition, once again confirming our strategy of consolidation in a market that is showing significant growth. With this acquisition we strengthen our market position in the automotive industry. IZOBLOK is a reliable company with a strong position in the production of EPP components for this industry in Europe. Together we will become a leading component supplier to an industry that we expect to continue to grow after the pandemic.” – says Christian Bekken, CEO of BEWI.

BEWI ASA has entered into a preliminary agreement to indirectly acquire 54.21 % of the shares in IZOBLOK, representing 65.66 % of the voting rights at the general meeting. The completion of the agreement is subject to the fulfilment of standard conditions for such transactions. The agreement is expected to be finalised in the second quarter of 2021.

BEWI ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, has an annual turnover of EUR 460 million, its sales of EPP components for the automotive industry do not exceed 5% of revenues. The company has EPP component production facilities in Sweden and Portugal. The main markets for sales are: Sweden, Spain, Germany, Portugal, as well as several other European countries.

IZOBLOK has a market share of approximately 20% in EPP components for the automotive industry in Europe and is the market leader. IZOBLOK has a well-diversified and growing portfolio of customers such as Volkswagen Group, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Hyundai and Ford. The company has a strategic geographical location with a well-developed technical infrastructure. The partnership with BEWI will give the company access to markets in northern and southern Europe. As a result, it will also provide good access to customers throughout Europe. The company has 4 production plants and is planning further growth, including through acquisitions.

“IZOBLOK, like us, is an integral supplier, producing both raw materials and finished products. We believe that the two companies are a good strategic fit and see great potential for synergies related to our automotive business.” – Bekken continues.

The current IZOBLOK management team, including CEO Przemysław Skrzydlak, will remain in charge of the company. Upon completion of the transaction, he will also become a shareholder of BEWI. BEWI does not intend to be a passive investor in IZOBLOK.

“EPP components are commonly used in the production of automobiles. Besides shock-absorbers, they can reduce noise, improve acoustics and replace other components to reduce vehicle weight. This means they help consume less energy, which reduces emissions and increases the range of electric cars” – says Bekken.

“The collaboration between the two companies will open up new cooperation opportunities for our customers, provide employees with more development possibilities and accelerate our technological growth which will guarantee success in the market” – says Przemysław Skrzydlak.

Transaction advisors of the sellers were: Olesiński and Wspólnicy (legal advisor), Chabasiewicz, Kowalska and Partners (legal advisor), PwC (leading transaction advisor).

Transaction advisors of the buyers were: DLA Piper (legal advisory), SpareBank 1 Markets AS (financial advisory).

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