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145 % of the share value increase, prestigious awards – IZO-BLOCK sums up 2015

IZO-BLOCK S.A. sums up the previous calendar year: Increase in value of shares by more than 145%, two prestigious awards, obtain a valid certificate for the Chinese market, new significant orders coming up in the order book. Furthermore in 2015, the Company’s shares were included in the Nobel Securities and DM BPS portfolios.

2015 is a thriving year for the enterprise due to gaining orders from such clients as  Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Controls and Farecia, the value of the contracts is worth 50 million PLN.

The Company shares are on a long-term increase tendency. The shares have been going up in price since the debut in December 2011. At that time the price per one share was PLN 22.9. Since then, the price increased by 560%. In 2015, the price of IZO-BLOK shares increased by 140%. Noble Securities and DM BPS included the shares in their fundamental portfolios.

2015 brought about two important awards: The Automotive Experience Seating Supplier Performance Award from Johnson Controls, a world tycoon in the area of comprehensive supply of components for the largest automotive concerns in the world, and the 2015 Polish Supplier – a distinction for the best suppliers in the automotive industry. Moreover, in 2015 IZO-BLOK received the CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certificate which opens up an export path to China.

The year 2016 may be even better for IZO-BLOK than 2015. Currently, the Company is conducting negotiations aimed at the acquisition of 100% shares at the German automotive Company SSW PearlFoam GmbH. The possible execution of this transaction will allow IZO-BLOK to assume the position of undisputed leader on the European market of EPP processing for the automotive industry.

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